Farris Engineering is excited to announce a new addition to their mechanical department. Median Nessaief began working for Farris in August as a mechanical engineer. He received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Technology in Baghdad, Iraq. Following graduation, Median worked for a general trading and contracting company where he worked closely with civil engineers at various Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund projects – from construction and rehabilitation of roads to the reconstruction and maintenance of a telecommunication building project.

In 2004, Median began working for the United States Army Engineering Corps. As a liaison between the reconstruction team and local authorities, he supervised a crew of 150 local laborers on various construction projects including elementary schools, middle schools, a city council building, soccer field and various playgrounds.

Median is currently an engineer-in-training and will be working on the design of mechanical systems for buildings under the general guidance of one of Farris’ senior mechanical engineers. He is excited to gain valuable work experience and use that experience to become registered as a professional engineer. Median spends his off-hours restoring cars and enjoys spending time with family by going to the gym, training, and exercising.



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