Farris Engineering, Inc. (Farris) has been a proud and successful 100% employee-owned company since 2012. Thanks to the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), Farris’ employees can share in the growth and prosperity of the company.

“I am proud to be an employee owner,” said Kate Breitenfeld, controller. “Employee ownership has been great for the company, our customers, and our team, and has made us even more invested in success.”

Employee-owned companies tend to see the biggest performance advantages when employees think and act like owners. The fact that Farris is 100% employee owned closes the normal loop between what employees want to do and what owners manage to. Built on trust and accountability, employee ownership unifies and empowers Farris to better serve their clients, industry partners and community.

From well-known national brands to small local businesses like Farris, employee-owned companies are all around us. They create wealth for working people who are rooted in local communities. On average, employee-owners have nearly double the retirement wealth compared to non-employee-owners.

Farris employees automatically become an owner after regularly working 30 hours per week for one year. They also have the opportunity to purchase additional shares using funds in their 401K account and increase their ownership share. So, Farris’ employee-owners can literally say “We Own It” as they each share a piece of the pie.

“Farris has been in business for over 55 years, and we are very proud to be an 100% employee-owned ESOP company. We take pride in the company’s history and are just as pleased with the financial stability we have created over those 55 years of being in business,” said Breitenfeld. “Our financial position allows us to be an exceptional business partner and ensure our clients that our doors will be open for another 55 years, and beyond.”



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