University of Nebraska Medical Center Chiller #11

Omaha, NE

Developed specifications for pre-purchase and installation of 3700-ton centrifugal water chiller, chilled water pump, condenser water pump, and associated architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems

Additional pre-purchase and installation design for variable speed controller for an existing 2500-ton centrifugal water chiller

Project cost: $1.3 million

Project challenges included the existing building structure floor system was not capable of the anticipated structural loading for dead and live weights on the mezzanine level; special structural skids were designed to disperse the load to building columns for both moving the machinery and the final setting locations

Power and control system design modifications (4160V power supply and variable speed control and 480V controls for pumps, lighting, actuators, and other devices)

Support services for roof openings for large equipment

Monitoring system interfaced to existing plant control system

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