Community College Experience

North Platte Community College

Welcome Center Addition/Renovation

McDonald Belton Theater HVAC Upgrade

North Campus Tech Remodel

McDonald Belton SF-1 Upgrades

McDonald Belton Locker Room Upgrades/Renovation

McDonald Belton ECMs Retrofit

McDonald Belton HVAC VAV Upgrades

Residence Halls Cafeteria

McDonald Belton Science Classrooms Remodel

Garage Practice Complex

McDonald Belton State Energy Plan

McDonald Belton Gym Balcony Renovation

WW Wood Old Nursing/Dental Area Renovation

McCook Community College

Brooks Hall Cafeteria and Restroom ADA Renovation

Central Community College – Hastings, Nebraska Campus

Hall Kitchen HVAC Upgrades

Harlan Diesel Technology Addition

CCTV System Upgrade

Campus-Wide Automated Building Management System (ABMS); Study and Expansion, Phases 1 through 3

Sherman Bookstore Renovations

Hamilton Hall Wood Shop Dust Collection Upgrades

Hamilton Hall Wood Shop Lighting – Renovation

Hamilton Hall Welding Lab Upgrades

Greeley Residence Center – New Construction

Campus Site Lighting – Study and Upgrade, Phases I through IV

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