Mechanical Engineer

Median is currently employed by Farris Engineering as a mechanical designer and field engineer, progressing towards a mechanical engineering license. He has faithfully served the United States in time of war as well as any soldier, maintained his professionalism and quality of work to highest standard in support of various US Army units since first assignment with 3-7 Cavalry unit-3rd Artillery Division in 2005, until last assignment with Dark Knight Team 1-1AATF- 1st Infantry Division in 2011. He provided crucial support as an interpreter and logistics officer, earning numerous military accolades for his impactful contributions during operation new dawn, which included fostering relations with Iraqi Army and local Authorities. His dedication left a lasting impression on the US service members he collaborated with.

Median spends his off-hours restoring cars and enjoys spending time with family by going to the gym, training, and exercising.