Roskens Hall, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Omaha, NE

$13 million renovation of 83,770 sf facility, where final LEED Silver design resulted with 20% savings of ASRAE Standard 90.1-2004

FanWall Technologies, an integrated system of fans, motors, cabinetry, controls and accessories for the large air handling unit. The system provides quiet and vibration-free operation, optimized energy efficiency from design minimum to maximum flow, redundancy and low-cost maintenance and service

Control of the HVAC system for individual offices provides a high level of thermal comfort

Generator provides back-up power for life safety systems and IT

Low flow water closets, urinals, and lavatories to conserve water

Voice evacuation fire alarm system for mass notification

Data cable system, Voice Over IP phones, and HD audiovisual system

LED, fluorescent, and daylighting

State-of-the-art grounding electrode system provides the lowest resistance for sensitive electronic equipment

Electronic metering and web-enabled building management system provides real-time data for monitoring energy use

Classroom CO2 controls to monitor ventilation system; ensures system maintains design requirements at maximum efficiency based on number of occupants by controlling damper at VAV box

Dedicated telecommunications room on each of the six floors meets TIA / EIA standards

Security system, digital displays, and master clock powered over ethernet

ACEC Nebraska Honor Award

IES Illumination Merit Award

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