Republic National Distributing Company

La Vista, NE

Fire, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical design for new 208,800 sf alcoholic beverage warehouse

Connections for specialized equipment include facility conveyor system, compactor, bailer, and battery chargers

Main warehouse is heated with Cambridge make-up air units that minimize the air dis­tribution system by supplying high temperature air for heating; it is not cooled, and is ventilated with exhaust fans and intake louvers

The beer cooler, maintained at 35°F year-round, required additional design considerations for fire sprinklers, lighting and insulation

Roof top variable air volume units, full economizer, and stand-alone controls, which minimizes costs without the added expense of a comprehensive control system

Fire sprinklers, insulation, lighting in varied temperature spaces

Lighting consists of fluorescent and LED luminaires, T8 lamps, and T5HO high bay luminaries for warehouse areas

Auditorium lighting control via Lutron Graphic Eye system

Republic National Distributing Company
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