In May, Justin Sumpter joined Farris Engineering as the newest electrical engineer in their Colorado Springs, CO office. A seasoned engineer, Justin holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and is a registered Professional Engineer (PE) and Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD).

He boasts a wealth of expertise, encompassing testing in high-voltage and high-current scenarios, controls, relaying, battery systems, VFDs, soft starters and breakers. With adept leadership skills, he has guided teams of technicians and engineers through the installation and commissioning of systems, prioritizing efficient outage management. His proficiency extends to NETA ATS and MTS, with a background spanning the data center and utility sectors.

Justin also brings a track record of success in industrial automation. Proficient in Allen-Bradley, electrical wiring, Modbus, power distribution and GE-Fanuc technologies, he has spearheaded teams comprising technicians, operators, electricians and pipefitters for oil and gas processing installations, commissioning and operations.

With a comprehensive understanding of NFPA, NEC, UFC and Icodes, Justin’s expertise in design is evident. He will collaborate closely with clients, utilities, vendors and contractors, facilitating the development and execution of various projects while ensuring an adherence to best practices and codes.



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