Community College Experience

North Platte Community College
  • Welcome Center Addition/Renovation
  • McDonald Belton Theater HVAC Upgrade
  • North Campus Tech Remodel
  • McDonald Belton SF-1 Upgrades
  • McDonald Belton Locker Room Upgrades/Renovation
  • McDonald Belton ECMs Retrofit
  • McDonald Belton HVAC VAV Upgrades
  • Residence Halls Cafeteria
  • McDonald Belton Science Classrooms Remodel
  • Garage Practice Complex
  • McDonald Belton State Energy Plan
  • McDonald Belton Gym Balcony Renovation
  • WW Wood Old Nursing/Dental Area Renovation
McCook Community College
  • Brooks Hall Cafeteria and Restroom ADA Renovation
Central Community College – Hastings, Nebraska Campus
  • Hall Kitchen HVAC Upgrades
  • Harlan Diesel Technology Addition
  • CCTV System Upgrade
  • Campus-Wide Automated Building Management System (ABMS); Study and Expansion, Phases 1 through 3
  • Sherman Bookstore Renovations
  • Hamilton Hall Wood Shop Dust Collection Upgrades
  • Hamilton Hall Wood Shop Lighting – Renovation
  • Hamilton Hall Welding Lab Upgrades
  • Greeley Residence Center – New Construction
  • Campus Site Lighting – Study and Upgrade, Phases I through IV