Farris Engineering designed the mechanical, electrical and plumbing elements for a ground-breaking $45 million renovation of the college’s Tutt Library. Upon completion in 2017, Tutt was deemed the largest academic library to achieve net-zero construction. This goal was achieved despite adding 25,000 additional square feet to the 1962 building, doubling the seating capacity, and creating data visualization and GIS labs, experimental classrooms, outdoor study areas and more.

“Utilizing renewable energy, for instance photovoltaics and geothermal in the Tutt Library, is a visible reminder to the community of the building owner’s priorities. Probably more important is the impact made on the current students, both from an educational standpoint regarding energy efficiency and sustainability, and from the standpoint of stressing the importance of being good stewards of our energy resources. I don’t think we can have more impact on the future than when we influence those in college.” Stephen Roitsch, PE, Farris Project Manager.



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