Planning & Programming Services

Farris Engineering has been providing project planning and programming services for over 40 years. Evaluating the owner's existing facilities, listening to their needs and developing a plan to meet their vision is what we do best.

Facility Assessments We examine the existing facility and mechanical equipment and recommend options to get the building to perform as desired.

Central Plant and Piping Master Plans Systems age and changes in building use often cause a central plant to be under or over-sized. We analyze the existing equipment and piping to develop a master plan with solutions and project phasing for the problems.

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Life Cycle Costing and Energy Modeling. Total life cycle costs for multiple solutions will be compared to allow the owner to select the solution that meets his needs, whether that be lowest up front cost, life cycle cost or energy use cost.
Programming Documents. We turn owner requirements and concepts into project scope and cost estimates.
Design-Build Bridging Documents. Working closely with the owner, we will determine and document a project's requirements and then develop the scope for the project so a construction contractor can accurately bid the work.
Lighting Modeling. Computer modeling allows us to show what various lighting designs will look like on a facility. Computer Lighting Simulation. Advanced 3D modeling and photometric rendering allows us to convey the impact that lighting design can have on a space or building. We also use these tools to study the differences among two or more specific lighting systems.