Construction Administration

We have found that projects and clients are best served by continuity in the project team. The Project Manager who leads the production of the contract documents will continue to be the person in charge of construction administration. The Project Manager is fully familiar with the project and is prepared to deal with the individual specifics and questions that might arise during construction. The Project Manager will also assist in compiling a master ‘punch list’ at the project’s completion, and other miscellaneous tasks and paperwork that are part of the construction process. The specific type and frequency of site observation visits will depend on the scope and schedule of the project. These visits will be scheduled with our consultants so the entire team can work together at this phase. Written reports will be issued for each of these visits summarizing what was discussed, what progress was observed, and what action is needed by the various parties involved.

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As part of our contract administration services, the Project Manager will:
  • review contractor’s submittals
  • review pay applications
  • issue construction directives for clarifications and minor changes
  • prepare change orders if needed