The major objective of Building Systems Commissioning (BSC) is to bring continuity, communication and overall responsibility for these tasks to a definite point of coordination and control. The BSC process is intended to be an enhancement to the overall process of bringing a building successfully on line from its earliest phases, i.e., programming and/or schematic design. It is not intended to cover up, nor can it effectively conceal design or construction inadequacies. If problems exist as a result of the design or construction, they must be addressed and resolved. BSC is an enhancement that should assist in the process of more quickly addressing and resolving these issues if they exist.

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The following lists the general phases that are normally considered for containment within a BSC plan. These will vary depending on Owner.
  • Development of a commissioning plan
  • Preparation and enhancement of a commissioning specification during the various design phases
  • Verification of interim O&M manuals until final O&M manuals are completed
  • Verification of equipment start up
  • Verification and documentation of functional performance testing including the testing, adjusting and balancing of the various systems in the project
  • BSC report preparation and submittal and final Owner acceptance of BSC report and building systems
WITCC Life and Wellness photo (above far right) rendering courtesy of Neumann Monson Wictor Architects.